Welcome Two Thousand Twelve!

Well here it is, the so longed for (supposedly) end-of-the-world year. Of course now that we will cease to be, human kind is starting to wake up and make sense. Not much but a little bit at least. As for me it seems this last year of existence will be a blast with lots of new projects and musical journeys to look forward to. Trying to squeeze everything before December 21 of course ;-)

The year will start with two brand new groups: in January I will be touring with the Michele Manzo Quartet featuring Marc Abrams on bass and Tim Armacost on tenor and soprano saxophones. Tim, a newyorker, hasn't been in Italy much lately but I'm sure he will soon gather a lot of attention from musicians and jazz lovers. We'll be playing a couple of shows in Rome (January 21st at the legendary Music Inn), Verona (24), Pisa (25), Padova (26), Cartigliano (VI) (27).

After a couple of weeks I'll be again on the road for 2 gigs with a brand new trio featuring the multiply awarded saxophonist Francesco Bearzatti and bass legend Paolino Dalla Porta. February 7 Verona, 8 Pisa.

On February 17 I will be hosted by Centro D'Arte di Padova for a concert with Nesso G along with my peers Michele Polga, Francesco Bigoni and Danilo Gallo.

 At the end of the month I will be flying to New Orleans, LA to record an album with singer-songwriters Richard Julian and Rosita Kess at Piety Street Studios, one of the most amazing studios on planet earth!

Other recordings soon to be out:

- The Minus One, Live in Pisa (+ Stefano Senni & Michael Blake) - El Punto Rojo Records; - Upperground Orchestra [Vynil + CD] (+ Rabih Beaini, Alvise Seggi, Piero Bittolo Bon) - Morphine Records;

That's it for now I don't want to anticipate too much, the world might not want to wait to end.
Peace and Serenity to all! The earth is still a grandiose place.


  1. tommy it's great to see all you have going on. looking fwd to the release of our trio album and playing more in 2012!

  2. Likewise Michael, it seems it's going to be a great one!!!