Summertime... and the living is easy!

So much music played and heard during these last couple of months. It's a very exciting and inspired period of my life where travelling is key for a musical and personal growth. In just a small period of time I was in New York, in Belgium and constantly up and down the Italian peninsula. I played some remarkably cool gigs with Upperground Orchestra, singer-songwriters Rosita K├ęss & Richard Julian, clarinet player Nico Gori 4et and with a brand new quartet of mine playing my original tunes. Here's an excerpt of the gig with Upperground Orchestra in Eupen, Belgium:

Upcoming Shows:

July 13 ALESSIA OBINO Quartet - Valdagno (VI)
July 14 MARCO PONCHIROLI Trio - Solighetto (TV)
July 20 MARCO PONCHIROLI Trio - Montegrotto (PD)
July 21 MARCO PONCHIROLI Trio - Ivrea
July 22 ALESSIA OBINO Quartet - Brescia
July 24 MICHELE POLGA Quartet - Venezia
July 26 SCOTT STEEN Quartet - Venezia
July 27 SCOTT STEEN Quartet - Portogruaro (VE)
July 28 SCOTT STEEN Quartet - Brugnera (PN)
July 29 SCOTT STEEN Quartet - Valdobbiadene (TV)

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