Tommaso Cappellato "Quartet Minus One"

The Tommaso Cappellato "Quartet Minus One"
feat. Michael Blake & Stefano Senni

Michael Blake (saxophone)
Stefano Senni (bass)
Tommaso Cappellato (drums)

August 17 Alla Poppa - Venezia (Italy)
August 18 Padova Jazz Club - Correzzola (Italy)
August 19 Festival - Basel (Switzerland)
August 20 Ex Wide Summer Festival - Pisa (Italy)

Since the first time I officially played with Michael Blake at Rose Live Music in Brooklyn, around Christmas of 2007 (the real first time was in Butch Morris's Impro Conducted Orchestra sometimes in '05) our collaboration has been very prolific. The kind that usually happens among rhythm sections.

Mr. Blake is a "one-of-a-kind" musician, composer and arranger. His music is very imaginative, soulful and out of schemes. Our last work together was an extensive tour of China along with guitarist Teddy Kumpel and bass player Peter Scherr, which was documented with 3 days in the studio. Over the last few years Michael and I have been playing with many different musicians in various settings.
Every time became a memorable musical moment.

with Jason Lindner & Ben Allison - NYC June 2010

with Giovanni Guidi & Joe Rehmer - Minorca, Spain April 2010

with Aaron Goldberg & Omer Avital - NYC April 2009

with Bill Ware, Brad Jones & Teddy Kumpel, NYC April 2009

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