SPRING IS (definitely) HERE

Just came back from a week in Belgium, playing and recording with a new project called Remember Frank?. It was a great week under all circumstances, the weather was beautiful and we had a great turn out at concerts. I especially loved playing in Gent at El Negocito, a small restaurant/bar with live music almost every night of the week. Once back from Gent my friends took me to see the Atomium, a 1958 immense sculpture built for the Belgian Expo. It was an incredible experience, especially because it was dark at night an no one was around. It looked like a never-ending space ship (just like the one in Space Balls!)

I'm back in Italy now with a very intense period ahead, full of local gigs with old friends I haven't seen and played with in a minute. Summertime seems to be very exciting as well with lots of travelling involved.


April 28 w/ Yah Supreme (DJ/vocals) & Bruno Marini (bari sax) - Santa Corona, Vicenza
April 29 w/ Michele Manzo (guitar) & Marc Abrams (bass) - Flat, Mestre (VE)
April 30 w/ Tony Face - Metropolis, Padova
May 1 w/ Rosita Kess Band, Appartamento Hoffman, Comegliano
May 4 w/ Matteo Alfonso (piano) & Marc Abrams (bass) - Enoteca Peppotto, Padova
May 6 w/ Michele Manzo (guitar) & Marc Abrams (bass) - Bar Astra, Vicenza
May 7 w/ Brainless: David Boato (trumpet) & Marc Abrams (bass) - Metropolis, Padova
May 11 w/ Carlo Atti (sax) & Bruno Marini (hammond organ) - Bar Astra, Vicenza
May 13 w/ Jacopo Jacopetti 5et - La Bulesca, Padova

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