Who's Frank?

Had a wonderful weekend in Brussels playing with Remember Frank? Not a Frank Sinatra tribute. Remember Frank? is a flute/saxophone-bass-drums-trio playing original material. It is still  too premature to explain at this point in time what the name Remember Frank? refers to. In this project Jordi Grognard plays tenor saxophone saxophone, flute and bansuri (Indian classical flute), Nicola Lancerotti plays bass and I play drums and bells.

Brussels keeps being a very beautiful town and once again I found the same chilled-out atmosphere I found nearly a year ago when I first went. The weather was again magnificent although not as warm as Italy. Nevertheless from what I understand as soon as Belgian people get hit by some sun rays they go completely crazy and they almost get naked. The music scene is pretty vivid and I have the feeling that artists are really supportive with each other, a quality you won't find in many other places. I am definitely looking forward to go back in three weeks for a few more shows with RF?

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