2010... WRAPPING UP!

2010 is now almost over and looking back it's been quite an intense year for me, I should say an excellent one, full of beautiful experiences. I've been touring Spain, Belgium, New York, Switzerland, Hong Kong and mainland China, as well as my beautiful country (Italy) up and down several times. Many new projects started and many others continued. I played with great musicians I've been looking up to for a long time and other up and coming young talents, already a pride for the Italian jazz scene. On the academic side I completed a 2-years masters program (INJAM) at the famous Siena Jazz School of Jazz, a very meaningful experience that I will never forget thanks to some very deep musical encounters. December has just started and it's full of more things to look forward to, like this short tour I will be doing starting next week:


Michele Polga (saxophone)
Fabrizio Bosso (trumpet)
Luca Mannutza (piano)
Luca Bulgarelli (bass)
Tommaso Cappellato (drums)

December 11 Pinocchio Jazz Club - Firenze 
December 14 Le Cantine De L'Arena - Verona 
December 15 Panic Jazz Club - Marostica (VI) 
December 16 Teatro Dei Frari - Venezia 
December 17 Il Torrione Jazz Club - Ferrara 

Following are the most meaningful posts of this year:

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