U.O. is a concept invented by DJ/Producer Rabih Beaini aka Ra.H. An inventor of styles and founder of record labels Morphine, Lanquid & Elefante Rosso Ra.H has released a considerable amount of tracks that have become the new trend in electronic music and techno-jazz. As stated by the artist "Morphine's mission is to keep alive the revolution of techno and house music. Since its birth, the label grows around the original concept of discovery and experimentation, while delivering raw and defined methods of production".

Besides putting out his own music under the name of Ra.H as well as Morphosis Mr. Beaini has released several albums by other very influential artists such as Anhony "Shake" Shakir, Jamal Moss (under the name of Hierogliphic Being), Sensational, Paul Randolph and some other up and coming yet brilliant acts like Madteo, Ksoul and Upperground Orchestra. This last project is actually a band whose core components are Ra.H on analog synthetizers, drum machines and MPC, myself on drums and bassist Alvise Seggi along occasional guests. Previous sessions included excellent musicians in the avant-jazz scene such as vibraphonist Pasquale Mirra, percussionist Leo Di Angilla, saxophonist Ralf Altrieth, multi instrumentalist Piero Bittolo Bon, keyboardist Max Bustreo and piano player Matteo Alfonso.

U.O.'s music is described as a fusion between the eclecticism of modern jazz and electronic music, this is what it's all about. Performances cross historical Jazz sound, elementary electronics, and free improvisations, in order to create a contemporary sound and an avant-garde feeling. Arrangements and ambientations reproduce the acoustic and electrical styles of the schools of Chicago and Detroit, Jazz of the 50s blent in with original Techno: an imaginary meeting between Sun Ra and Kraftwerk, John Coltrane and Carl Craig.

U.O.'s first album "Solaris Eremit" came out in 2008 for Morphine Records and has soon gone out of stock throughout the major retailers worldwide, while a second release is expected next April on the Belgian label Meakusma covering a remix of Terrence Dixon's track "Room 310" which has been described as Cosmic Insanity! Check it in!

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