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For the last 2 years I've been collaborating with CVL Drums, a company owned by Mr. Lucio Cavallarin, based in the city of Chioggia right out of Venice in Italy. Their main aim is to build quality instruments thanks to their long time experience in wood working in many other industry fields.

CVL works are very original due to the strong relationship between the artist and the manufacturer. Their staff always welcome new ideas and develop its products based on both the musical and selling potentials of the instruments. They build drums with any kind of wood and in any kind of finish, experimenting on the ways of assembling the shells, on their sizes and implementing the sound with additional elements, like finger cymbals or string guitars.

My favourite instrument from their production is a jazz set made out of African mahogany wood. Besides the wood quality the real new thing is the fact there are no lugs on the shells, so what you end up playing is a solid, un-holed drum. They made it possible by adding long screws that go from one hoop to the other. The result is that by tightening the top head you also tune the bottom one simultaneously. Usually one would consider this as a down side but the outcome in sound is really outstanding. The hoops are made of the same wood and they are very resistant and hard to get dented. Even the bass drum is suspended through the same system. The main characteristic of this drum set is a super warm and original sound with a long projection. Playing the snare drum and bass drum feels like dipping a spoon in soft butter. This is how it looks:

Here's a demonstration and description of the set I made in 2008 at CVL headquarters.

The following is a clip from "Venezia Suona 2008" Music Festival, held in Venice - Italy every year. Dozens of musicians are spread throughout the city playing simultaneously in different locations. Unfortunately that day we got caught in the middle of a storm passing through that area, so you see people running to find some dry place where to rest. It was challenging and fun playing and keep concentrated on the music.

Othe interesting works by CVL:

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