Recording w/Mark De Clive-Lowe

After a great show that took place last June at Elefante Rosso in Venice the great multi-instrumentalist Mark De Clive-Lowe suggested to get together once more for a studio session. For the occasion I called Marcello Allulli to join us on saxophone. His use of effects and pedals is very special and definitely added a nice color to the music.

It was the first time the three of us played together but it seemed we had been doing it for years. Mark started off by playing some beats he came up with on the spot on the MPC as well as some bass lines on one of the many synths he had available along with a rhodes and a gran piano. Marcello and I improvised along to what he was doing and by the end of the day we came up with almost 5 hours of music. During one of the few breaks we took we listened to some of the material. I definitely had the impression there were many intense and magical moments.

The studio we used is called Cat Sound Studio run by Mario Marcassa. It’s a very comfortable and world-class level space that I highly recommend. The price is also very affordable and the studio guarantees a lot of separation between instruments. It is located in Badia Polesine closed to the city of Rovigo in the North East region of Italy.

Producers Rabih Beaini of Morphine Records and Enrico Crivellaro of Archive Production also showed up at the session. I will soon get the music so I can get started with some editing. Mark is also going to work on it and I’m curious to see what we both come up with. Will let you know as soon as it happens!

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