Tommaso Cappellato Quartet

Michael Blake (saxophone)
Giovanni Guidi (piano)
Joe Rehmer (bass)
Tommaso Cappellato (drums)

After spending 9 years in New York working with some of the finest artists in jazz, hip hop and world music, drummer and composer Tommaso Cappellato moved back to Europe to work on his own projects. His latest work includes three of the most visionary musicians of the new generation: the new-york-based saxophonist Michael Blake, Italian rising star of piano Giovanni Guidi and Chicagoan up and coming bass talent Joe Rehmer. Each member of this quartet is already a leader of one's own project with precise aesthetics which leave no doubts on the musical direction. Since 2008 the Quartet extensively toured major clubs and festivals in Italy and released he vynil single "The Knight" and the full album "Open" both published by Elefante Rosso Music and distributed by Rush Hour Records.

L’idea di questa band nasce da Tommaso Cappellato, batterista e compositore, newyorkese di adozione, che vanta collaborazioni sia come sideman che da leader a livello internazionale. A condividere questo percorso chiama in causa musicisti di spessore, di varia provenienza e con cui ha precedentemente collaborato: al sax Michael Blake, al piano il promettente Giovanni Guidi e Joe Rehmer, giovane bassista e compositore americano. Ogni componente del gruppo e’ gia’ leader di progetti propri, con una poetica che non lascia dubbi sulla direzione musicale. E’ qui che i percorsi si incrociano, si scambiano punti di vista e le sonorita' si con-fondono. Dal 2008 il quartetto si e' esibito nei maggiori festival e club italiani. Del 2009 la pubblicazione del singolo in vinile "The Knight" e l'album "Open" entrambi pubblicati da Elefante Rosso Music e distribuiti da Rush Hour Records.

トマゾ カペラト カルテットTommaso Cappellato Quartet
Michael Blake, Giovanni Guidi, Joe Rehmer 出演
New Yorkで9年間、一流のジャズ、ワールド、ヒップホップのミュージシャンと共演してきたトマゾ カペラトは彼自身のプロジェクトを行う為に帰国しました。彼の最も新しい作品は、ニューヨーク在住のサクソフォン奏者 Michael Blake 、イタリアのピアノのスターGiovanni Guidi とシカゴで人気上昇中のベーシスト Joe Rehmer ら新世代の最も革新的な3人より編成されています。また彼らはそれぞれが率いる、このカルテットの音楽的センスを疑う事のできない程、緻密な美的センスの漂うプロジェクトを持っています。2008年よりトマゾ カペラト カルテットはイタリアを広範囲に渡りツアーを開始し、 “The Knight” をレーベルElefante Rossoよりレコード盤のみでリリースしました。フルスタジオレコーディングのアルバム“OPEN”は2009年の末にリリース予定です。

November 29 2008 Torrione Jazz Club - Ferrara
May 13 2009 Teatro Astra - Vicenza Jazz Festival
May 15 2009 Casa Del Jazz - Roma
May 16 2009 Private Event - Pagnano D'Asolo (TV)
May 17 2009 Studio Recording - Cavalicco (UD)
May 19 2009 Workshop @ Elefante Rosso - Mestre (VE)
May 20 2009 Jazz Club Torino - Torino
November 6 2009 Spazio Gershwin - Padova
November 7 2009 Club 1799 - Acquaviva delle Fonti (BA)
November 9 2009 Il Posto - Bologna Jazz Festival
April 02 2010 Jazz Festival - Minorca Island (SPAIN)


Debut album from this incredibly eclectic and fresh composer born in Padua, Italy with New York based education, Tommaso Cappellato delivers a stunning quartet studio recorded following 2 tours of live sessions at the best italian jazz spots, following the 12” previously featured on the Elefante Rosso imprint, and including a studio version of The Knight. Open is a crossover view of today’s jazz rooted in the panafrican origins and the Spiritual Jazz foundations, bringing to the frontline a wide travelling and exploration experience from which his eclectic and unique approach to this modern jazz world. You can clearly state the NY based fresh scene crossing afro hip hop and beats, African grooves and patterns with an incredible Michael Blake on both Soprano and Tenor saxophone (sometimes played simultaneously) young and stunning Italian jazz talent Giovanni Guidi on piano, and the Chicago born Joe Rehmer on bass. A truly fresh and exciting material recorded at the most recommended studio in northern Italy, presented on the Elefante Rosso imprint.

Elefante Rosso's second release is ready to hit the road on the very first days of 2009, After Paul Randolph's Collide with Isoul8 Remix, now it's Tommaso Cappellato's turn to deliver the groove for the upcoming year. Taken from his 'Half&Half' Quartet (Tommaso Cappellato /drums - Michael Blake /saxophone - Giovanni Guidi /piano - Joe Rehmer /bass) The Knight is filled by a absolute lightness and simplicity, though its execution grows around a very powerful afro beat and a straight to the heart theme. Compiled together with a re-edit by Ra.H (Morphine Records - Elefante Rosso) who tried to maintain the same pureness and freshness of the composition itself, with a building groove that carries the elements of the jazz composition into a hypnotic and fascinating voyage. Worldwide distributed By Rush Hour, The Netherlands-

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